About Us

The MaterialsMatrix was founded by Lucideon, the international materials company.

We had the idea to start the community in early 2020.  Our aim was, and still is, to bring together people who are interested in materials, whatever their current role, background or experience, to collaborate, network, learn from, support and challenge each other.

Experts from industry and academia joined with us to feedback on our initial idea and to suggest what they’d like to see in a materials community.  These people continue to support us as the community changes and grows. 

You’ll see that we have various subcommunities that make up the MaterialsMatrix.  Our hope is that, as we move forwards, ‘champions’ will naturally appear who want to lead and manage the individual subcommunities.  It has always been our intention that the MaterialsMatrix is driven by the community and not by Lucideon (that’s why you won’t see any Lucideon branding on the site).

You may already be a member of a materials or industry association and be asking yourself why this materials community is any different to that.  We know that there are lots of great associations out there but we also know that they are often geared to one material, discipline or industry.  The MaterialsMatrix is different in that it brings together all of those areas – it’s a one-stop-shop, if you like! 

A ‘shop’ might give rise to the idea that there’s a financial reason to why we started this.  We can assure you that there isn’t.  The site is completely free to join and to use.  The only cost to you is your time and the sharing of your knowledge.  And we believe that you’ll get a lot more out of it, than you put in – just as you do on other online platforms you might use.

Talking of which, we’re often asked why the MaterialsMatrix is different from LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a great tool but it’s an all-encompassing one, with many people discussing many subjects.  On the MaterialsMatrix we’re all there to talk about materials and anything to do with materials.

And finally, another question that is often put to us is: what’s in it for Lucideon?  Our answer is simple: it’s the same thing that’s in it for you – the chance to collaborate, network, learn, support, discuss and challenge!