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Iberdrola and Porcelanosa are Working Together to Decarbonise Ceramic Production

By Joanne Dawson posted 17-02-2021 15:37

Iberdrola and Porcelanosa are Working Together to Decarbonise Ceramic Production.
Iberdrola and Porcelanosa have decided to join forces and work together on electrification projects for this industry, which will drive the decarbonisation of ceramic production in line with EU objectives and the fight against climate change.
The companies have agreed to conduct joint research into energy solutions for the ceramic firm’s plants, such as maximum efficiency, high-temperature heat pumps in driers, as well as the combined use of renewable energy and a green hydrogen supply to reach the temperatures required in atomisers and hybrid ovens. This will help to drive the electrification of the ceramic company’s production process by improving energy efficiency and making use of residual heat.
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22-02-2021 11:31

The project is focused on Ceramic Industry but not limited to it. One of the solutions from Iberdrola is to introduce photovoltaic plants to provide the energy for ceramic manufacturing. It would be interesting to see the other parts of their decarbonisation plan once its published. After all, it has a budget of 7billion Euros so it has the potential of establishing a global best practice of using renewable energies for manufacturing ceramics. 
It would have been great if these projects would have been complemented by circular economy solutions to focus on topics -such as using waste materials, changing the customer behaviour- to increase the environmental benefits.