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Study Finds Packaging ‘Less Recyclable’ in UK

By Joanne Dawson posted 14-05-2021 10:37

Study Finds Packaging ‘Less Recyclable’ in UK.
A study carried out by consumer research company Which? has found that 32% of brand packaging in the UK is not “easily recyclable in practice”.
The study called ‘The Consumer Lens on Packaging 2021’ was commissioned by Consumers International, the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world. It compared 11 household products across 9 countries and found the UK lagged behind the likes of Hong Kong, Portugal, Australia and India in terms of packaging which wasn’t easily recyclable, but ahead of Malaysia, France New Zealand and Brazil.
The investigation deemed a product to be recyclable if the countries had suitable collection, sorting and recycling systems to allow consumers to actually recycle the packaging, as well as the quality of labelling on packaging.

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