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Best Ways to Cut Carbon Emissions From the Cement Industry Explored

By Joanne Dawson posted 25-05-2021 12:55

Best Ways to Cut Carbon Emissions From the Cement Industry Explored.
Around 3.5 billion tonnes of Ordinary Portland Cement, a critical building material worldwide, are produced annually – but every tonne emits up to 622 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) The cement industry contributes 7% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions, with the amount of CO2 released depending on differences in the materials used in production, the types of cement kiln used, and the fuels being burned.
In a new paper, researchers at Imperial College London have considered the potentially most effective ways to decarbonise the industry. They say that, with interventions, emissions could range from 80% to minus 50% of current emissions where CO2 is actively removed from the atmosphere.
This could be done using a combination of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and fuel and intermediate product substitutes. However, they say the most sensible solution might be to combine burning municipal solid waste with CCS, which could slash emissions to minus 20% of their current level.