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Colour Change Indicates Damage in the Material

By Joanne Dawson posted 25-08-2021 14:02

Colour Change Indicates Damage in the Material.
Lightweight construction has found its way into many areas, especially in vehicle, ship and aircraft construction. In addition to classic light metals such as aluminum, magnesium or titanium, composite materials, so-called composites, are increasingly being used in load-bearing applications. As a result, new techniques and methods have to be developed at the same time in order to detect damage or even a possible failure of such as yet little-tested materials at an early stage.
Researchers have now chosen an approach that has already been considered a lot in materials research: They have created a lightweight material that changes its colour and deforms it internally indicates a possible material failure at an early stage. The laminate, made up of individual layers, is transparent, unbreakable and yet very light.

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