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Smashing it in Sustainable Ceramics

By Joanne Dawson posted 01-03-2022 11:19

Smashing it in Sustainable Ceramics.
Ceramic industry producers now need to become carbon neutral by 2050 and still have a lot to do, but with technology like heat exchangers on the horizon, that’s looking like a more realistic goal.

Closeted away in the Northern Italian town of Pavullo, Atlas Concorde is one of Europe’s biggest ceramic tile producers. It is also the world’s first to reuse more than 40 per cent of its waste heat streams to heat high-pressure water used in the production process. It means huge-scale savings on energy, costs and emissions.

In 2019, the EU-funded DREAM (Design for Resource and Energy Efficiency in Ceramic Kilns) installed and started to monitor a 100 kW heat exchanger unit at a new-generation roller hearth kiln at Atlas’ Mirage tileworks. Four years later, with a much bigger 0.7 MW heat pipe heat exchanger, this next-generation waste heat recovery technology has proved it can completely recast Europe’s ceramics industry for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future.

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