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3D Printed Heat Exchanger 'More Efficient' than Conventional Designs

By Joanne Dawson posted 06-04-2022 10:12

3D Printed Heat Exchanger 'More Efficient' than Conventional Designs.
A new type of lightweight, 3D printed heat exchanger with a maze-like design is more compact and efficient than its conventional counterparts, its developers say.

A team led by engineers from the University of Glasgow have developed the system, which exploits the unique properties of microscale surfaces to create a high-performance heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers, devices which transfer heat between fluids without mixing them, have a wide range of practical applications. Heat exchangers which transfer thermal energy between fluids are used in systems including refrigeration, fuel cells and the types of internal combustion engines used in cars and aircrafts.

The research was published in the journal Appied Thermal Engineering.