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Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5, Semi-final

By Nigel Leak posted 01-03-2022 12:51

This week, the semi-final saw the four remaining contestants, build and decorate a urinal. 

As the second challenge they had to form and apply the motifs to Jasper ware.

Making and applying motifs to Jasper ware looks deceptively simply - moulding clay body, removing it from the mould and applying it to the substrate - what could be more simple?  The accuracy, precision and eye for the minutest detail required is critical on what are high value high end of the market items such as these.  A figure of £15,000 was quoted for one of the items shown.  One mistake and a piece is ruined.

This was very much a reminder that a high degree of skill is required to produce high quality ceramic wares.