Great Pottery Throw Down Series 5 - The final

By Nigel Leak posted 08-03-2022 15:47

On Sunday  night we saw the final of the current Series of the Great Pottery Thrown Down.

A.J was a worthy winner of what was a tough competition.  In my estimation the standard keeps getting  better and better.

I look forward to seeing what designs A.J comes up with from Aberdeen.

I think that the ceramic dinnerware and giftware sectors would be invigorated by looking at the designs produced by A.J and others.  Lets see more Claris Cliff type revolutions in ceramic design, or the 1960's scene which was featured in on of this Season's Episodes.  I sure it will lead to more sales of higher valued products.

I am looking forward to Series 6.
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17-03-2022 11:37

Really enjoyed this series of the throwdown! Thanks for sharing your fascinating insights with MaterialsMatrix @Nigel Leak