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Qualicer 22 - Conference: Iberdrola Green H2

By Nigel Leak posted 29 days ago

This is a heads up of what I think will prove to be a very informative presentation for anyone interested or working on decarbonisation and H2 initiatives.  Qualicer has an excellent track recorded of presenting informative studies over many years.  I anticipate that this prove to be the same.  One to attend if possible or obtain a copy as soon as possible.

European decarbonisation targets for 2030 and 2050 pose a challenge for the ceramic tile sector which, for example, in Spain annually consumes 14TWh gas compared to 1.4TWh electricity. Iberdrola is participating in different initiatives that pursue this target. In this presentation, Millán García-Tola, Global H2 Director, Iberdrola, reviews several such initiatives, which in our sector include the agreement reached with Porcelanosa in April 2021 to pursue decarbonisation solutions. In addition, their possible development by adapting to the European framework, whose legislation and funding policies condition the design and speed of these changes, and putting their situation into perspective with the global hydrogen initiatives being undertaken by Iberdrola, which is currently working in 60 countries worldwide on projects involving hydrogen obtained with renewable energies.