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Raw material supplier for alumina related chemicals covering more than 100 varieties of different products including the following main categories:

  • Aluminium hydroxide
  • Calcined alumina
  • Boehmite and Pseudo-boehmite
  • Activated alumina and catalyst carrier
  • Zeolit
  • Refractory-grade alumina
  • Polishing-grade alumina
  • Special alumina products for Ceramic Coating for Battery Separators
  • Spherical Alumina Powder for High Thermal Conductivity

I am interested in talking to anyone who is potentially interested in applications of these materials.


University of Nottingham.
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Chemical Engineering

Job History

Sino-aluminas Ltd
Director and Co-Founder
Surrey, United Kingdom
January 2016 - present

Building Research Establishment
Senior Consultant
United Kingdom
January 1999 - December 2015

University of Surrey
Research Fellowship
United Kingdom
January 1999 - January 2007